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What We

For over a decade, Waikiki Gold and Silver has paid the most for a diverse range of valuable items, including jewelry, rare coins, art, antiques (and so much more)


Read on to learn more about the many categories we specialize in 

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How We Stand Out


Broad Expertise

Having researched, bought, and sold many thousands of items, our staff are able to confidently guide you through the evaluation and sale of your items. We apply wide-ranging expertise to help you find the treasures among your possessions.


Low Margins =

High Offers

We don't spend a lot on advertising, and keep our physical location modest. Such low overhead costs enable us to work on smaller margins than the competition, and make much higher offers


Our true market value offers have even led competitors to sell to us! We regularly buy from over 50 pawn shops, gold buyers, swap meet vendors and other dealers.



We happily work with customers from all backgrounds, to Buy, Sell, or Pawn* items from a huge selection of categories ... from watch batteries and broken earrings, to Rolexes and Gold bars, come show us what you've got. We love the variety of valuable items, and the history behind them.

*pawn service only available in Hawaii location

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